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Steve   Bates    has   worked   in   financial   services   for   over   27   years,   starting   his   career   with National   Westminster   Bank.   After   spending   7   years   in   the   retail   arm   of   the   bank   he transferred   into   the   financial   planning   division   as   an   adviser   -   becoming   a   senior   planning manager,   just   6   years   later,   at   the   age   of   30.   Steve   then   left   to   set   up   his   own   company with   the   aim   to   offer   a   more   independent   and   personalised   service   to   his   clients.   Married with   two   children,   Steve   actively   pursues   interests   in   politics   and   holds   the   Diploma   in Financial Planning. To contact Steve Bates, please click here or telephone - 0203 239 3640 .
Steven   Youngs    With   over   33   years   experience   in   financial   services,   Steven   has   developed great   empathy   with   his   clients   &   their   expectations,   having   personal   experience   of   many   of   the planning   issues   that   clients   face.   Prior   to   establishing   his   own   company   Steven   managed various    teams    of    experienced    City    based    financial    planners    within    several    well    known companies.   He   then   took   the   decision   to   focus   his   attention   on   providing   specialist   one   on   one advice.   He   has   a   keen   interest   and   specialist   knowledge   in   the   pensions   arena,   and   continues to   this   day   to   build   on   his   qualifications.   Media   experience   includes   both   writing   for   The   Daily Telegraph & TV appearances on The Money Channel. To contact Steven Youngs, please click here  or telephone - 0203 239 3630                                       
Steven Youngs